About Us

Bristol Sling Library has been set up by Steph and Isobelle. We run the library as volunteers and on a not-for-profit basis – all funds go back into running costs and buying new carriers. We simply want to share our passion for carrying our children and help other parents to find a sling or carrier that is comfortable for them. Recently we both attended a Babywearing Peer Support Course and are busy finishing up the coursework so we will feel more confident to support you as you try to find the right sling.


8 thoughts on “About Us

    • Hi Lucie

      At present, most vexingly, there are no UK vendors stocking it- but it is apparently available from the US by airmail from Loopi – http://www.yourbabycarrier.com/yamo.html

      Your best bet might be to put an ‘in search of’ post on Natural Mamas, or the 2 facebook groups, Slings and Things FSOT or Babywearing FSOT. Most annoying that it has become so difficult to find, as they are excellent carriers!

  1. Hi! I run Bubbahub with Selena and we were wondering if you may be interested to run a sling library sometimes in Bedminster, at Bubbahub. Thanks, Géraldine

    • Hi Geraldine

      We would love to do this, thanks for the offer! I will have to speak to Clare with whom I run the library- and see if she can transport the slings as I don’t drive, and talk about what publicity we could do etc. we could do it perhaps bi-monthly or something? Would people have to pay to come in and see us? We meet in a venue where we don’t have to charge an entry fee at present (though this may have to change, alas). But we do charge a fee to hire slings. It would be great to have the chance to have the library available in South Bristol, so thanks for the offer!
      If you would like to chat about it then do either email me at bristolslinglibrary@zoho.co.uk (wordpress is a bit unwieldy for direct communication!) or ring me on 07986 292955.
      Thanks again,

  2. Hi!

    I have been completely in love with my Moby wrap but Ivy is now a lovely 18lbs and it’s starting to feel like we need to move on! I have tried a relatively basic carrier that my partner uses but due to the backpack style straps, it really exacerbates my whiplash injury where the Moby is beautifully distributed over my whole shoulder it doesn’t cause any problems.

    I am planning on coming by on Thursday but I wondered if you may have any recommendations in advance?

    Kind regards,

    Elaine xx

    • Hi Elaine, thanks for getting in touch. I used a similar wrap to a moby with my son when he was tiny, and I found it excellent but alas, like you and many others, it didn’t give enough support in the long run. I you love wrapping I can recommend you try a woven wrap- especially if your shoulders or back give you trouble. There are lots of carries you can do, and wovens give excellent full-torso support without pulling or straining any particular area. We can help you to learn a nice comfortable carry which you can practice at home. Alternatively you can also get really comfortable full-torso support with a mei tai with wrap-straps, such as a hop tye, which has a panel you carry your little one in (like a buckles carrier) but nice wide spreadable straps that are tied around you. I would recommend if you come along that you try several different types of sling, as they all have (sometimes subtle) differences, and you will be able to get an idea of what is available and compare them for what is comfortable for you and your little one.
      Next Thursday (14th) will be our last meet at Kebele in Easton- after that we will be moving to the Bubbahub on north street in southville on Tuesdays, 10-12, fortnightly from the 26th nov. I am trying to work out how to add this information to wordpress without deleting the home page!
      If you would like any further info or have questions, do email us at bristolslinglibrary@zoho.com. Thanks, Steph

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