Catalogue of slings

A list of slings and carriers that the library currently owns. A big thank you to those parents and companies who have donated or loaned slings to us to enable the library to begin. Come along and have a look to see which might suit you!

This page is still under construction and will be updated soon, with fuller descriptions of the slings and pictures.

Mei Tais

  • Lenny Lamb baby size (deposit value £55)
  • Lenny Lamb toddler size (deposit value £55)
  • Babyhawk (Deposit value, £40)
  • Freehand (donated by Natural Connection) (Deposit value, £40)
  • Hop-tye (Deposit value, £60)
  • Ocah wrap conversion (Deposit value, £90)
  • Melkaj (Deposit value £70)
  • Didymos indio wrap conversion toddler/preschool meitai (deposit value £65)
  • Wilkinet (Deposit value, £30)

Soft Structured Carriers

  • Ergo (x 3) with newborn insert (donated by Born) (Deposit value, £80 without insert, or £90 with insert)
  • Patapum – baby size (Deposit value, £30)
  • Nubigo – toddler size (Deposit value, £70)
  • Wompat- baby (deposit value £130)
  • Wompat – medium (Deposit value, £130)
  • Boba 3G (Deposit value, £75)
  • Rose and Rebellion (Deposit value, £60)
  • Beco Gemini (x 2) (Deposit value, £75)
  • Manduca (x 3) (Deposit value, £80)
  • Yamo (Deposit value, £75)
  • Action Baby Carrier – baby size (deposit value (70) 
  • Action Baby Carrier -toddler size (deposit value £70)
  • Connecta standard (baby) size (x 2) (Deposit value £75)
  • Connecta solarweave -standard size (deposit value £70)
  • Connecta -toddler size (deposit value £80)
  • Pognae -baby size (Deposit value £65)
  • Babies in Space (Deposit value £110)
  • Tula (Deposit £120)
  • Babies Beyond Borders (deposit £35)
  • Sleepy Nico (Deposit £70)
  • Kinderpack (Deposit £120)

Stretchy Wraps and Hybrids

  • Moby (Deposit value, £30)
  • Moby D (Deposit value, £40)
  • Kari Me (Deposit value, £40)
  • Sleepywrap (donated by Natural Connection) (Deposit value, £30)
  • Close Carrier (Deposit value, £40)
  • Caboo DX (Deposit value, £70)
  • Wrapsody hybrid wrap (Deposit value £50)

Woven Wraps

  • Storchenweige Anna, size 2 (2.7m) (Deposit value, £40)
  • Didymos Nino Heaven and Earth size 2 (2.m) (Deposit value £55)
  • Girasol Agua Azul, size 3 (3.2m) (Deposit value, £40)
  • Ellaroo stripes size 3 – very lightweight for newborns. (Deposit value £55)
  • Girasol Earthy Rainbow, size 4 (3.6m) (donated by Wearababy) (Deposit value, £60)
  • Ellevil Zara, size 5 (4.2m) (Deposit value, £50)
  • Storchenweige Inka, size 6 (4.6m) (Deposit value, £50)
  • Girasol Drop, size 6 (4.6m) (donated by Slingomama) (Deposit value, £70)
  • Didymos standard blue stripes, size 6 (4.7m) (Deposit value, £60)
  • Oscha Japanese Knot, size 6 (4.6m) (Deposit value, £90)
  • Little Frog Sunny Agate cotton/linen mix size 6 (Deposit value £75)
  • Firespiral Librarian orange weft 6 (Deposit value £150)
  • Walters Never-fail wrap (very thick and sturdy and with loops to secure a back-carry position) (deposit value £60)
  • Oscha Starry Night Vespers, size 7 (5.2m) (Deposit value, £100)
  • Little Frog Nefryt size 7 (5.2m) (deposit value £55)

Gauze wraps

  • Victoria SlingLady, Smith wrap (Pacman design) (Deposit value, £20 and loan fee is £2 for two weeks)
  • Calin Bleu, medium (donated by Calin Bleu) (Deposit value, £50)


  • Didymos Purple Holunder Waves ring sling (Deposit value £65)
  • Didymos Purple spots Ring sling (Deposit value £60)
  • Didymos Tom Ringsling (Deposit value £60) 
  • Storchenweige Peach ring sling (Deposit value £65)
  • Hoppediz Stephanie Ringsling (Deposit value £50) 
  • Palm and Pond ring sling with padded rails (Deposit value £25)


  • A podaegi (an adaption of a traditional Korean carrier), which is similar to a mei tai, but with only one set of straps. Very adaptable and great for quick back carries. (Deposit value, £45)
  • A Didymos Geckos Onbuhimo (Onbu) a mei tai type carrier with rings to thread the waist straps through (deposit value £55)
  • A kanga/kange (a traditional African carrier) which is basically a lightweight rectangle of cloth used for low back carries. (Deposit value, £10 and loan fee is £1 for two weeks)
  • Suppori carrying aids, size medium and large. Not a sling, as you should still keep one hand on the child, but a fantastic lightweight carrying aid to keep in your bag for those times when little legs get tired. (Deposit value, £10 and loan fee is £1 for two weeks)
  • A Hippychick hip seat. This is a carrying aid padded seat which is strapped around the waist for little ones to perch on when little legs get tired. (deposit value £25 and £2 for 2 weeks)
  • A MAM Babywearing cover with hood- this is a fleece waterproof to tie over your sling and keep your little one snug and dry. It comes with a hat/hood of the same material – and cat ears! (Deposit value £65)
  • Babybjorn (for demostration purposes only, not available to hire)

7 thoughts on “Catalogue of slings

  1. Hi, is it possible to hire slings for longer than 2 weeks?

    I lost my much loved Kari Me sling last week (how and where is a mystery but it seems to be no more)

    We’re off on a 4 week holiday at the end of July and I’m trying to fill the sling gap before I go. I’ve been trying to buy a 2nd hand ERGObaby but am slightly concerned about the problem with fakes and purchasing online in a hurry so thought hiring a sling might be a possible alternative especially as I live just up the road!

    My little boy is a big 7.5m old.

    Many thanks


    • Hi Louise

      Yes we are pretty flexible with loan periods, especially during the holiday season so that will be fine. We would just charge you hire fees for whatever length of time you need (within reason!) at £5 per fortnight.

      Sorry to hear you have lost your kari me- we used one with my son when he was tiny- you may have found though that it wasn’t quite as supportive as your boy got bigger; they are amazing for newborns but due to the stretchy nature of the fabric, as a baby grows bigger and heavier, they tend to sag, and although your baby will start off nice and high, as you walk along they will gradually descend until they are dangling around the waist region! So a more supportive sling might be necessary for you by now anyway.

      Yes getting second-hand ergos can be a minefield- the rule of thumb is that if you see a ‘new ergo’ advertised on ebay for what seems to be a bargain price, it’s bound to be a fake. We have 3 in the library if you would like to try one though! If you haven’t used one before, it’s probably worth trying a few different sling on, as you never know if they are going to be comfy until you try it out. Slings are like shoes; very individual, and what is really comfortable for one person is borderline agony for another! So do come along and road-test a few at a meet before you decide to hire. And you’ll need your chequebook/cash to the value of the sling as a fully returnable deposit.

      While the weather is nice, we will be meeting at Eastville Park- in the playground just by the carpark off Oakdene avenue and Park Avenue. We might as well make the most of it! But in bad weather (eg rain, cold) we’ll be back at Kebele.
      We meet 10.30-1 Thursdays.

      You can email us at if there’s anything else you would like to know.



  2. Hi Steph,
    I’m going on holiday on sunday and could really do with a woven sling, i only have a moby which is to stretchy fro my 16 month old. I only just heard of the sling library and unfortunatly couldn’t make it to the group today, if it was on. Is there any chance i might be able to get hold of one another way? I do recognise you I think from the east side roots group probably a couple of years ago now. i have a little boy called George and I was pregnant then with my daughter Mary.
    Hope your well and have had a good easter.

  3. Hi there, il dive straight into it 🙂
    I was passed details from a mummy’s group online.
    with having one child disabled so not close contact for a few weeks due to special care and the second birth awful with illness after I went home so was in hospital without my baby, my third was really a chance to get things how I wanted them to be kind of replace bad memories with new amazing ones.
    Upon looking for a sling through my pregnancy I am overwhelmed with how many there are I am so so desperate to keep out closeness before it’s too late, they grow so quick don’t they! 😦
    But I just have no idea what I’m doing. So mummy’s on a page passed me these details and he’s 6months already he’s a small 6months so more like 3-4months siZe and I know if I wait any longer I’m going to regret it I have tried and tried to find the right one but their all so expensive and I don’t want to get it wrong. So I go away on Monday and have been looking for a sling library near me to loan one to try I figured if I wanted to test one it would be a brilliant time (Weymouth for 1 week.)
    All the libraries near me seem to be closed for the holidays
    I live just over the bridge but know Bristol pretty well as my husband from there and his family live their, I was wondering if I was able to loan a sling from yourselves for the week or 2? Next week following your rules as local people would as it wouldn’t be a problem to return a few weeks later.

    If you can help in anyway I’d be very grateful.
    Thanks so much

    • Hi mama

      Sorry I didn’t reply- I’ve just got back from working at a festival & trying to catch up. It sounds like you might need a one-to-one consultation where you can try a few different types of slings on & see what you find comfy – it costs £15 for a hour & includes free sling hire for a fortnight- you can extend this hire for a couple more weeks if you like for an extra fee. It’s definitely not too late for you; lots of people start babywearing when their babies are older than newborn- you will be fine! If you would like to email me for further info rather than on the public website then you can contact me via – the sling library email is only working intermittently at present for some reason but if you want to try it it’s my number is 07986292955 if you are going away on Monday I might be able to give you a weekend consultation on Sunday. So do get in touch if you think you might like to do this. Thanks, Steph

  4. Hi there I am keen to purchase a buckle carrier for my 1 yr old son but I would like to try a few before. I work on Tuesdays and am free some Thursdays. I was wondering if you could recommend any sling libraries close by which I could go too next Thursday?

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