Why use a sling?

Slings and carriers are an invaluable parenting tool. There are lots of reasons why it is useful to have a comfortable sling to hand and here a few of my favourites!

Travelling from A to B

Especially if you have to use public transport, slings can be a fantastic way to reduce the stress of travelling. Whether you are just popping out to the local shops and want to be able to nip up and down the steps without struggling with a pushchair, or whether your local buses always seem to have a full buggy area, a sling is always handy to have. If you are making longer distance journeys by train or coach, it is a great stress saver not to have to worry about folding and unfolding as you get on and off.

 Being close to baby

Most children and especially young babies, love to be close to their parents. It is very reassuring for them to feel you next to them and to be able to easily interact with you. As a parent, you get to enjoy extra cuddles on the go with a sling, and because they are close you can more easily read their cues for tiredness, feeding, and other needs.


Hands free

Sometimes, due to growth spurts, separation anxiety, teething or other reasons, little ones just do not want to be put down! At those times, being able to pop them into a comfortable sling means that you can still get other things done with both arms free. This is especially useful if you have older children who also need attention or you are a parent of multiples.


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